This week on Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy Carbone is talking hoppy Belgian beers with a bunch of guests! Dan Leeman and Shahan Stepanian join the program to talk about the influences on modern Belgian beers. Nathan Hukill from Bitter Old Fecker stops by to talk about his high gravity, rustic beers. How does barrel-aging change the characteristics of Nathan's herbaceous beers? Later, famed New York bar owner Patrick Donagher pops in to discuss the opening of his newest beer bar, Fool's Gold. Brendan Woodcock talks about his upcoming Cicerone test. Learn more about hops, their aromatic qualities, and how different stages of hopping alter bitterness. Thanks to our sponsor, Music by Dead Stars.


"I think there are two kinds of hoppy beers that are coming out of Belgium... there are the ones that are influenced by the American IPAs, but then, the Belgians are always about balance..." [12:00]

-- Dan Leeman on Beer Sessions Radio

"The brewery is set up in a way that it could literally run without electricity." [23:50]

-- Nathan Hukill on Beer Sessions Radio