The Shelton Brothers were an early powerhouse in the craft beer world. Focusing on imported Belgian, they were pushing boundaries before the current craft beer explosion we know today. On a historical episode of Beer Sessions Radio, hear the Shelton Brothers story from Joel Shelton himself, BR Rolya of Shelton Brothers Imports and Joe Carroll of Spuyten Duyvil - one of the first accounts Shelton Brothers sold to. Tune in and get a glimpse into the early days of the craft beer movement! This program was brought to you by


The guys who are recreating Belgian beers now are bringing back the stuff they grew up with." [06:00]

"It's not about taking notes - it's about chugging as many pints as possible and enjoying your beer like a real man or woman." [29:00]
--Joel Shelton on Beer Sessions Radio

"I never forget when we first opened guys were walking in with the Jackson guides and looking up beers they hadn't tasted before and geeking out over it."

--Joe Carroll on Beer Sessions Radio