Take a trip to the UK and back to the Bronx on this week's episode of Beer Sessions Radio! First - hear from some of the brewers involved in The International Rainbow Project 2014. This year's project sees 7 UK breweries, each paired with a different European brewery, randomly assigned a colour of the rainbow and together challenged to create a beer inspired by that colour, whether it be abstract or not. Later, hear from the team behind Gunhill Brewing in the Bronx! This program was brought to you by GreatBrewers.com.

"It's very important to be involved in the home brewing community." [11:00]

-- Chris Sheehan on Beer Sessions Radio

"We've had a long history with British breweries...we have a real love for British beers. They fly under the radar in the US." [30:00]

--BR Royla on Beer Sesssions Radio

"I think imperial stouts in bourbon barrels are a no brainer. it turns the beer into a desert." [39:00]

--Rich Burhouse on Beer Sessions Radio