Welcome to a bonus cider-themed episode of Beer Sessions Radio! Jimmy Carbone is on location with Henry Chevallier Guild of Aspall, Eric West of Cider Guide, Anthony Bellevue-Flores of Rowan Imports and Alex Forbes of Artisanal Imports. Tune in for a candid, in-depth discussion on cider making styles, cider fruit availability, what makes cider drunk different than other drunks, and the future of cider making in America! This program was brought to you by GreatBrewers.com.

"Cider drunk is different than other drunks - it's a bright drunk. It gives you a fresh very upbeat feel whereas sometimes you can feel heavier or weighted down - this makes you smarter and invincible and happier!" [11:30]

"In the Untied States, it's really hard to get cider fruit. There are a lot of producers in the US, but they're struggling." [18:45]

--Alex Forbes on Beer Sessions Radio

"Some of the most interesting ciders I've drunk over the past 18 months have come out of America." [19:00]

--Henry Chevallier Guild on Beer Sessions Radio