This week on Beer Sessions Radio, we’re gearing up for New York City Beer Week 2015 in February! Tune in and hear from Jimmy Ludwig of The Happy Hour Guys, Dietrich Gehring of Helderberg Hops Farm/Indian Ladder Farms, Dave Katleski of Empire Brewing, Anne Becerra of Anne Likes Beer, Linsey Ronchi of George Keeleys and Olivia Cerio of Empire Brewing! The crew chats about everything from collaborative beers to estate breweries and beer education. Tune in and get revved up for a celebration of beer in New York City! This program was brought to you by Union Beer Distributors.

“I think every month should be dedicated to New York beer!” [19:00]

–Dave Katleski on Beer Sessions Radio

“Brewers barley has to be harvested at between 22% and 18% moisture, which means you can’t leave it in the field to dry.” [39:00]

“You won’t encourage farmers to grow a high value crop unless they have somewhere to take it.” [41:00]

–Dietrich Gehring on Beer Sessions Radio