Tune in for a special episode of Beer Sessions Radio as Jimmy Carbone chats with a Finnish brewer about Lammin Sahti Oy! Finnish Sahti, along with Belgian Lambic, is one of the truly old and unusual or , better, one of the last original beer styles in the world. Dating back to the 1500s it is still mostly produced near Helsinki in traditional sahti brewing equipment like open wooden mash tuns and troughlike wooden lauter tuns {“kuurnas”} with a filter bed made of juniper twigs. The juniper acts as the main preservative and balanging agent. Only very little hops (if at all) is used to accentuate the aroma. Sahti is an all-malt beer (Pilsener or Pale malt, Crystal barley malt and dark rye malt). The Finnish Baker’s yeast employed in Sahti produces phenols and esters similar to those produced by the classic Bavarian wheat beer yeast.