Today's episode of Beer Sessions Radio is a NYC Beer Week "Smash" beer preview! 10+ nyc breweries are making beers with all "State Malt And State Hops", thus the smash name. Joining Jimmy on the show this week is Kyle Hurst of Big Alice Brewing, Chris Cuzme of Cuzett Libations, Marcus Burnett of Rockaway Brewing Company and John LaPolla of Bitter & Esters. This program was brought to you by Union Beer.

"New York malts are hard to get as home brewers." [07:00]

"When you use honey in brewing, the better quality honey you use the better beer you'll get." [22:00]

--John La Polla on Beer Sessions Radio

"Wisconsin is a huge beer state. It wasn't a huge craft beer state, but they've come a long way." [24:00]

--Kyle Hurst on Beer Sessions Radio