Cask beer is demystified this week on Beer Sessions Radio! Jimmy Carbone and summer co-host Ben Keene are joined by Jason Hicks, chef at The Shakespeare and Jones Wood Foundry, Alex Hall of Cask Marque and Dave Lopez of Gun Hill Brewery. Tune in to hear what works and doesn't when it comes to cask conditioned beer and what it takes to do it the right way! This program was brought to you by Union Beer Distributors.

"The difference between having cask beer in a bar or not is the ability for it to turn over in 3-4 days." [29:00]

--Alex Hall on Beer Sessions Radio

"If you find yourself at a beer that has cask on tap - ask questions, give it a try and learn something. There can be delicious results." [44:00]

--Jason Hicks on Beer Sessions Radio