Tune in to a brand new episode of Beer Sessions Radio as Jimmy Carbone and guest co-host Ben Keene are talking all about hops! They are joined by John Segal, proprietor of Segal Hop Ranch in Yakima Valley, Washington, and Jeff O'Neil, former brewer at Peekskill Brewery who is currently launching his own project, Industrial Arts Brewing. This program was brought to you by Union Beer Distributors.

"Farming is really a challenge and I always make sure our friends support local farmers for any produce they buy because it's a very challenging business. We're subject to so many variables." [13:00]

"aAs my father taught me - all beers are good and some are better." [46:00]

--John Segal on Beer Sessions Radio

"The intention [at Industrial Arts Brewingis to make really hoppy beers while controlling the bitterness and keeping bitterness low." [26:00]

Jeff O'Neil on Beer Sessions Radio