This week's jam-packed episode of Beer Sessions Radio joins us with Josh Bernstein and Jen Schwertman, and together along with Jimmy Carbone they talk about the latest in the craft beer scene. Josh talks about his latest app, Craft Beer New York, designed to introduce the community to the latest craft beer bars, breweries, and shops in New York City. Chris Wilson of Weyberbacher Brewing Co. also calls in to talk about his latest brews such as the Belgian Style Double IPA, and the history behind getting into the beer brewing industry from a science background. Excited about the upcoming Philly Beer Week, Chris talks about various brews that he hopes to unveil soon. Lastly, Adam Dyle of Eater SF talks about Savor NYC, an upcoming craft beer and food experience coming June 14-15th to the Altman Building and MET Pavilion in Manhattan, NY featuring great craft beer and food pairings. Tune in to get your weekly dose of the craft beer community! This program has been sponsored by Thanks to Dead Stars for today's break music.


"We took inspiration from a shoefly pie, to mimic that we took molasses, and we put in a good bit of oats to create that crusty flavor" [19:02] --Chris Wilson on Beer Sessions Radio

"Listen to everyone's story of how they got there and they're all different, but the common thread is that they are in love with the process, and they realize that this [beer brewing] is what's motivating me." [24:05] --Jen Schwertman on Beer Sessions Radio