Tune in for a brand new episode of In the Drink as Joe Campanale is in studio with Benjamin Zidarich, in NYC all the way from Italy for Slow Wine 2016.  Speaking in Italian, Benjamin is accompanied by David Weitzenhoffer of A.I. Selections who expertly translates Benjamin's descriptions of Azienda Zidarich, which is located in a beautiful and unique corner of Italy's Friuli region, known as the Karst (Carso in Italian). Benjamin revolutionized his father's company by expanding the vineyards and focusing on native grape varieties. Right from the start, the Azienda Zidarich was faced with a real challenge. The local soil structure is composed of stone covered by a thin layer of red soil, which required continuous work and resources to work with. Over the years, Benjamin shares that they planted new vines and expanded the vineyards from ½ hectare up to 8, whilst the production reached 20,000 bottles per year. He has also expanded his fan base as more and more people have fallen in love with his wines, both in Italy and abroad!