This week on We Dig Plants, hosts Alice Marcus Krieg and Carmen Devito are joined in the studio by Elizabeth "Betsy" Barlow Rogers, a landscape designer, landscape preservationist and writer, whose lasting memorial is the revitalization of Central Park, New York City. This took place under her guidance as the first Central Park Administrator, and through the Central Park Conservancy, a private not-for-profit corporation that was founded, largely through Rogers' efforts, in 1980 to bring citizen support to the restoration and renewed management of Central Park.

Betsy is also the author of Green Metropolis: Why Living Smaller, Living Closer, and Driving Less Are the Keys to Sustainability.

Portrait of Elizabeth Barlow Rogers, landscape designer, preservationist and writer of books about Central Park and more, at home. Upper West Side, Manhattan, NYC

"What we don't realize, many people don't, is how [New York City is] a great metropolis, but it's still a green metropolis." – Besty Barlow Rogers