Tune in to this week's episode of The Farm Report as host Erin Fairbanks has a quail of a time with Brittney Miller of Manchester Farms in Columbia, South Carolina.  Owner of her family quail farm, Brittney talks about this old school bird and her passion for bringing farrow quail to more dinner tables as an easy and healthy protein that many chefs have long embraced.  Spread out over 380 acres, Manchester Farms produces 80,000 quail per week that are growth promotant and hormone free, following the same husbandry practices that Brittney's father practiced in the 1970s.  What's the day to day like as a quail farmer? How does the quail industry differ from the chicken industry? What is Brittney's take on the recent bird flu epidemic in the Midwest? Tune in for answers plus to hear from Steve Clark from Prospect Hill Orchards in the EscapeMaker.com segment!

"You can't just say you're a farmer, you have to be a business person as well." [7:00]

"One quail egg equals the nutritional value of five chicken eggs." [22:00]

--Brittney Miller on The Farm Report