Blockchain in the financial headlines, tech news and increasingly in food news. The digital ledger technology, created in 2008 for the cryptocurrency bitcoin, is being touted as the solution to many food system problems. Because the information cannot be altered, it could be the ultimate validation of product authenticity or the most accurate record of a food supply chain that could help mitigate food contamination outbreaks. We’ve been reading about it and hearing about it for years - but what is blockchain exactly? On today’s episode of Tech Bites (@TechBitesHRN), host Jennifer Leuzzi (@MmeSnack) and Nigel Gopie (@analyticsbytes), Global Marketing Leader IBM Food Trust (@IBMBlockchain), will decode blockchain and explain how it applies to our food IRL. This episode is sponsored by Roth Cheese (@RothCheese) made with heart, crafted in Wisconsin.

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