On today's episode of All in the Industry, host Shari Bayer is joined by award-winning, Danish chef and restaurateur Bo Bech of Geist restaurant in Copenhagen. Well-known in his home country as the fearsome TV host of Denmark’s answer to Kitchen Nightmares, Bo is a trailblazer of the Copenhagen food scene, offering his own take on new Nordic cuisine. He first made his name in Denmark's food-obsessed capital at Restaurant Paustian, where he won a Michelin star, before opening Geist in 2011. Bo recently released a new book, What Does Memory Taste Like?, a tribute that traces his earlier years as an enfant terrible. Today's show also features a PR tip, Speed Round game, Industry News, and Shari's Solo Dining experience at Conditori La Glace in Copenhagen. Listen at Heritage Radio, iTunes, Stitcher or Spotify. Follow us @allindustry

Bo Bech - Shari Bayer

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