On episode 17 of Week in Review, Jack and Erin recap this week’s HRN content, including a clip from our brand new News show, annoying rainbow foods, and moving stories from our high school Saxelby Scholars! Chris from Copper & Kings distillery joins us in the studio to talk brandy, music, and the Kentucky Derby.

Last Great Bite 

Every episode of Week In Review opens with a recap of the last great thing Jack and Erin ate, and how you can try it too.

JACK: Kidney bean curry with basmati rice and golden garlic raita from Made in India by Meera Sodha.

ERIN: Shout out to alcohol! One of those weeks where many friends were reaching out for that 5 pm drink. Many a delicious Budweiser, but also some Boulevardiers and Negronis.

Featured Episodes 

Get caught up on the highlight reel of clips from the last week of HRN’s programming.

HRN News

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Episode #265 Food in Poetry (5/1/16)

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Tech Bites

Episode #59 Future Radio Stars: Saxelby Scholars (5/2/16)

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With guest Saxelby Radio Scholars from Food and Finance High School

The Breakdown:

A guest or caller from around the industry joins the show to talk about their recent work

Chris Wilkin from Copper & Kings out of Louisville joins us in the studio, where we continue with the drinking theme. Louisville is bourbon country, but Copper & Kings breaks barriers with their award-winning brandy. They actually age their spirits using “Sonic Aging,” or playing music to the barrels to create distillate waves that enhance maturation. Check out their collaboration with bars, called Mixt&pe, that combines music and cocktails to create a cross-cultural party.


Jack and Erin “big up” people, places, and things they’re totally digging right now.

(shoutout to Big Ups, the band, for that theme song)

JACK: Kazi Hoque from Jackson Heights, Queens who made a video called “Staying Fit is Lit” for Let’s Move! Competition.

ERINCHEJ (Center for Health and Environmental Justice) Champions for Change Benefit was this past week where Melissa Mays, a “Just Mom” from Flint, spoke about driving awareness for the water supply.

CHRIS: Kentucky Waterways Alliance is crucial in ensuring that the water going into not only brandy, but life, is safe.