We're hopping in our Winne-bread-go and hitting the road—to explore the state of regional breads in America! We'll travel to New Orleans for a Po'boy, New England for Anadama, and to Appalachia for Salt Rising Bread, all in search of an answer to the question, "Is there a regional bread culture in the United States?"

Featured in this episode are Sandy Whann of Leidenheimer Baking Company, Alison Pray of Standard Baking Company, chef Travis Milton, author Ronni Lundy, and, of course, co-authors of Modernist Bread, Francisco Migoya & Nathan Myhrvold.

Here's the link to Rising Creek Bakery, as mentioned in the episode.

Photo Credit: The Cooking Lab, LLC.

Theme Music: Thomas Huges & Gretchen Lohse (@carolclevelandsings).

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