This week on All in the Industry, host Shari Baryer welcomes Brett Traussi of the Dinex Group, the restaurant group of Chef Daniel Boulud, to the studio.  As the restaurant group's chief operating officer, Brett supervises everything from new concept development and design to construction and restaurant openings, overseeing the ongoing operations of Boulud’s restaurants all the while. His professionalism, stubbornly positive attitude, and flexible approach are the perfect complements to Boulud’s energy and creativity, and have made an invaluable contribution to the chef’s lasting success.  Tune in for a behind the scenes look at some of the best restaurants in the country!  This program was brought to you by the International Culinary Center.


"The challenges are keeping all the details going at the same time and knowing when to take control of a situation or problem and when to let the chefs and general managers run with it." [25:45]

--Brett Traussi on All in the Industry