Holli Cederholm was on-site at Organic Seed Alliance's 8th Organic Seed Growers Conference in Corvallis, Oregon, on February 5-6, 2016, for a special episode of The Farm Report. After a full day of workshops and panel presentations on everything organic seed, Cederholm caught up with Lane Selman of Oregon State University and Chef Timothy Wastell of Sweedeedee in North Portland to explore a unique collaboration between plant breeders and chefs, enabled by the Culinary Breeding Network. The Culinary Breeding Network (CBN) is comprised of plant breeders, seed growers, fresh market farmers, chefs and produce buyers engaged in developing and identifying varieties and traits of culinary excellence for vegetable crops in the Pacific Northwest region.

Cederholm also attended a panel on “Community Plant Breeding: Engaging Stakeholders Across the Food System from Eaters to Breeders," and recorded a segment with organic plant breeder Frank Morton of Wild Garden Seed in Philomath, OR, in order to round out the dialogue.

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