On this week's episode of Japan Eats, host Akiko Katayama welcomes guest Rona Tison, the senior vice president of corporate relations at ITO EN, to discuss making green tea a true part of American culture. Tison has extensive experience in the tea industry and has received Green Tea Certification from ITO EN. Prior to joining ITO EN, Tison worked extensively in the hotel and service industry where she served as director of operations at the W Hotels The Court and The Tuscany, executive vice president at the lifestyle store Felissimo and rooms divisional manager at Le Parker Meridian, all in New York.

green tea powder

"Part of the beauty about tea is also sharing with friends. You can enjoy it in solitude, a moment to relax and have a cup of tea, or you can entertain and share great conversations. All those activities are great, I think, in terms of overall health." [23:00]

Listeners, if you are interested in learning tea ceremony (which helps you to be calm and focused like meditation!) in New York City, check this out!
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