Veronica Garza, a sixth generation Texan, grew up as the middle child in a large, close-knit Mexican-American family. So when Veronica was dealing with the effects of a debilitating trio of autoimmune diseases, her four siblings and both parents joined her on a journey to wellness. They all changed their diets, and shared joyous grain-free meals. The only thing that was missed were tortillas! A lettuce wrapping just didn't cut it at Mexican feasts. Veronica experimented until she created her now-famous almond flour based tortillas that helped launched Siete Family Foods. Listen to this episode of Speaking Broadly to hear about Veronica's insights into overcoming illness, working with your parents and combating shyness. You won't want to miss her advice on how to problem solve for yourself, to solve problems for many.

Veronica Garza - Carlyn Thompson

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