On a beautiful day in New York City, Curtis B. Wayne decides to delve into the architectural history of the city at large, and particularly the work of Jane Jacobs. Hear about how she opposed Robert Moses and helped protect certain pockets of the city. Also hear about John M. Johansen's contributions to early architecture in the city and learn tons about neighborhoods, development and "brutalism". Read one of Jane Jacobs' fantastic essay here.This program was sponsored by Whole Foods Market.

"Jane Jacobs is seminal, vital and important in terms of changing our attitudes [towards] wiping out old neighborhoods for the sake of something new - that ultimately gives friends of friends the opportunity to make a lot of money in real estate development."

"John M. Johansen is a great example of how we as architects benefit form being, in a way, generalists but absolutely being cognizant of technology."

--Curtis B. Wayne on Burning Down the House