Today's episode of Burning Down the House is all about the golden ratio, the Fibonacci series, and the pentatonic scale. Host Curtis B. Wayne talks a call from HRN's president Jack Inslee to talk about Jack's trip to Bonnaroo. Curtis and Jack talk about the jam band scene at big music festivals like Bonnaroo, and how groups like Phish and The Grateful Dead use the pentatonic scale in their improvisations. Curtis goes on to talk about the Renaissance architect Leon Battista Alberti, and natural ratios used in his design of the Santa Maria Novella. Curtis believes that biophilia is evident in the convergence of music, architecture, mathematics, and natural phenomena! Curtis goes on to discuss ratios in the architecture of Le Corbusier, and Vitruvius's belief in interdisciplinary knowledge to help the architect. This program has been brought to you by Hearst Ranch.

"Jerry Garcia's riffs are totally architectural!"

"When you get into proportions musically, you have this oddball proportion of the sixth- which, in terms of architecture, is the mantel height...that comes directly from musical theory." --Curtis B. Wayne on Burning Down the House