On this week's episode of Burning Down The House, Curtis B. Wayne delves into the format of the show and explains its place in the context of Heritage Radio Network. Tune in to learn more about the inter-connectivity of disciplines such as architecture, farming, and design. Curtis talks about Rudolf Steiner as a influence for the flow of his program; hear about how music spaces discussion and promotes better learning. In the second half of the episode, Curtis discusses his recent trip to Charleston, SC, and its rich history of architecture and music. Hear about the Spoleto Festival, and Curtis's meetings with the faculty of the American College of the Building Arts. This program has been brought to you by Heritage Meat Shop.

"It's all of a piece. Everything is inter-related. In this increasingly technological world, there is a real amount of effort, research, "doing", and making an alternative approach to how we live, what we eat, what choices we make...This has everything to do with what choices we make about where we live, what big business we support or do not support- and this goes across the board." -- Curtis B. Wayne on Burning Down The House