In late May of 2012 Curtis B. Wayne had the pleasure to go to Charleston, South Carolina and talk with various members of the faculty and administration of the American College of the Building Arts. Tune in for interviews with Dean Simeon Warren about how the process of building preservation and history are intertwined, and how this idea affected the renovation of the old Charleston jail. Kerri Forrest, Director of Development, explains how the education of the students at the ACBA goes far beyond being merely a trade or even a "normal" liberal arts school, and the financial challenges they face. Looking to gain experience in the building arts and yet want a liberal arts education? Want to learn stone-carving? Then tune in to learn about the ACBA's May-Mester intensive programming! This episode is sponsored by Fairway Market.

"They're tools. Whether it's a mallet, whether it's a chisel, an angle grinder, a Dremel, it's a tool. You have to know how to use a tool. And if you don't know how to use it you're never gonna be able to do what you feel you can do."

-- Simeon Warren on Burning Down The House