This week on Burning Down the House, Curtis B. Wayne speaks to Robert L. Noble, Founder, Chairman and CEO, Noble Environmental Technologies. Robert explains what brought him to the world of green products and environmentalism. Learn about his "solar tree" parking lots and what thoughts he has in regards to electric cars, environmental control systems, energy production and manufacturing. This program was sponsored by Cain Vineyard & Winery.

"To me, the notion of solar cardboard was thrilling, so I invented what's called the solar tree. On day one when I heard the concept, I knew there was a commercial opportunity."

"Solar costs are dropping so vociferously that even General Electric came up with an announcement that they are seeing 'grid parity.'"

"When you have a piece of paper, that's a wood fiber made from a tree. The chips from that tree had to be mechanically and chemically digested. You end up with pure cellulose fiber. The beauty of using a cow [to produce agricultural fiber for use in panels] is that it has four stomachs which are natural digesters."

--Robert L. Noble, Founder, Chairman and CEO, Noble Environmental Technologies