This week on Burning Down the House, Curtis has a discussion with returning guest Gennaro Brooks-Church of Eco Brooklyn about a popular topic on the program: Passivhaus. Listen in as they explain the pros and cons of the air-tight ventilation based housing design intended on cutting down on energy costs. Hear them discuss working with retrofitted buildings, reclaimed materials and other architectural challenges. When does high-level building design pay off? Tune in and find out all you could want to know about Passivhaus and the ever changing landscape of architectural design. This program was sponsored by Cain Vineyard & Winery.

“Passivhaus is like a fancy car. A downside to a fancy car is that it’s expensive to build and, like racehorses, it can fail. You stick a hole in a Passivhaus and basically the whole [concept] falls apart.”

“My house is built on Passivhaus standards. The freshness in the wintertime is noticeable. The flip side is that in the summertime the hot humid air outside that comes in becomes dehumidified and cooled by the outgoing air.”

Gennaro Brooks-Church of Eco Brooklyn on Burning Down the House