This season we are mixing it up and interviewing chefs and restaurateurs as they actively open a restaurant. We’ll be chatting before and after a milestone moment to hear the preparation and later of course get the skinny on how it all went to down.

So you have your restaurant concept and are ready to hit the ground running, but where do you start? Well if your business plan includes selling alcohol you may need to start by applying for a liquor license. In fact past guest liquor attorney Robert Bookman recommended starting the process as soon as you are serious about a space and maybe even before you sign the lease.

Today’s Guests are Elena Yamamoto and Yael Peet, Co-Chefs of the forthcoming restaurant Fury’s on Christopher St in NYC’s West Village.. Fury's is a Kappo-style Japanese restaurant planning to open in the Summer of 2020. We first chatted with Elena & Yael on January 14th as they were beginning the liquor license process.

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