On today’s episode of THE FOOD SEEN, small batch handcrafted candymaker Liz Gutman, co-founded Liddabit Sweets with the simple belief, that sugar is not a flavor. Instead, she focused on quality ingredients, like freshly churned butter, locally sourced dairy, artisanal honey, from local companies like Ronnybrook Farm, Salvatore Ricotta, Martin’s Pretzels, Brooklyn Brewery, which, though enrobed in chocolate, made her candy bars and confectionaries about what’s on the inside. With caramels ranging from apple cider, fig-ricotta, beer & pretzel to acclaimed candy bars like the PB&J, The Lime-in-the-Coconut, “The King”, and S’more, Liz’s revival of old-fashioned honeycomb candy, and nostalgic caramel corn (the bourbon bacon is legendary), has made satisfying your sweet tooth a sustainable act.