Ever puked in your friend's brand new Honda CR-V? Today, Ask a Clean Person is talking all kinds of car messes with returning guest Freddy Hernandez.  Freddy writes about buying and selling cool cars on the internet for Jalopnik, under the pen name Tavarish. Loyal listeners will remember Freddy from season one, when he told us what to do if and when a pound of butter melts on our car seat. Navigating car sickness remedies, windshield wiper fluid flooding the back seat, and what Freddy keeps in his trunk for car cleaning emergencies plus winterizing tips (because winter is coming), this is an episode not to be missed!


"The reason why you can't clean a headliner is because it's going to be a cardboard like material with a glue layer then a fabric layer. If you have a cardboard box and you soak it in water, there's no way you can get anything out of that." [8:45]

--Freddy Hernandez on Ask a Clean Person