This week on All in the Industry, Shari Bayer welcomes Caryl Chinn on the line from Los Angeles. As Octagon’s Vice President of the Culinary division, Caryl applies her trademarked expertise in creating and activating unique culinary events to support the agency’s corporate sponsor and events portfolio. Shari relays that she worked for 10 years for Bon Appétit magazine and served as senior special events director on many of their signature events including the Wine & Spirits Focus in multiple cities across the nation, Celebrity Chef Golf Invitational in Scottsdale, and the Celebrity Chef Ski Race in Beaver Creek, Colorado.  Before joining Octagon, she was Executive Director of the Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival.  Tune in to hear highlights of projects she currently has on the horizon and more.


"I truly do love food and wine. That's why I got into this but it's been amazing to see the evolution of [chefs] as well... Watching some of these people I've known for twenty plus years evolve from 'Ok, I'm just trying to make a living,' to, 'I'm just opening my own place,' to 'I'm building my brand,' and now watching a lot of them consider 'What's my legacy?'" [14:56]

--Caryl Chinn on All in the Industry