Episode one. The cereal: Golden Grahams. The guest: Justin Warner. Welcome to the debut of Cereal, a podcast about... cereal. Host Ben Robinson is joined by Justin Warner, the chef behind popular and forward thinking Brooklyn restaurant Do or Dine. Warner appeared in Food Network's 24 Hour Restaurant Battle in 2010 and won The Next Food Network Star in 2012. He now hosts the Food Network's show Rebel Eats, where he hits the road to seek our America's culinary rebels. Tune in as Justin and Ben eat Golden Grahams, pontificate on the world of cereal and taste a few secret cereals that Justin has brought to the studio. This program was brought to you by The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.

"It [Golden Grahams] practically looks like a roof that's reflecting a deluge of milk." [13:00]

--Justin Warner on Cereal