This week on Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy talks about the whirlwind of changes that have been made to New York’s alcohol laws during the pandemic and considers what the future may hold. He is joined by Max Bookman of Pesetsky & Bookman, PC, a law firm specializing in alcohol licensing in New York state. Beer bar owners, Anthony Ramirez II and Paul Ramirez of The Bronx Beer Hall add their perspective to the conversation as well. Although canned beer could be legally sold to-go before the pandemic, beer bar owners have still had to make a major pivot after losing their indoor seating capacity. Anthony and Paul share the creative decisions they have made - including buying a slushie machine - while Max gets into the nuts and bolts of what requirements exist for bars and how recent developments surrounding the sale of food have developed. In the second half of the show, the group considers how recent changes may have permanently altered the landscape for policy making and the guests share their wishlist for future reforms including open container laws, changing the legal drinking age, and keeping to-go beverages legal.

Beer List

  • Bronx Culture Series, Gun Hill Brewery x Uptown Beer Society x The Bronx Beer Hall x Beer Kulture, Coco Cherry Mango Sour
  • Destihl Brewery, Flanders Red Wild Sour
  • Mill House Brewing, PK Pale Ale

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