Dorothy Cann Hamilton brings Chef's Story, formerly a show on PBS, to Heritage Radio Network! Tune in to the inaugural episode as she is joined by internationally recognized French chef, television personality, and author Jacques Pepin. Hear his story of living through the French Liberation and learning about food from his mother and grandmother. From his earliest food memories to his rise to fame, learn how Jacques Pepin became one of the most beloved and well-respected food personalities of his time. This program was sponsored by Hearst Ranch.


"You used to learn through osmosis, because a chef would never tell you anything. Now, things are different."

"Craig Claiborne single handedly created the vocabulary for food criticism in America."

"I had never been in a supermarket before I came to this country. They didn't exist [in France].... as a chef, I want to buy good product above everything else."

"If you go into the business to become famous, you're bound to have some profound disappointments."

--chef Jacques Pepin on Chef's Story