This week's guest on Chef's Story is David Kinch. David Kinch is a dean at the International Culinary Center and the chef-proprietor at the two Michelin-starred Manresa in the Bay Area. Tune in to hear how French cuisine and culinary culture attracted him to the kitchen, and why cooking helps fulfill his desire to see the world. Hear the things he's learned along his culinary journey and why to this day motivating staff and creating a healthy team atmosphere remains one of the hardest things to achieve in a kitchen. Find out how David wants to encourage American regional cuisine and how he takes advantage of the terroir in California by sourcing from the nearby Love Apple Farms. This program was sponsored by Fairway Market.


"When I started working in kitchens and realized how deep it was in terms of learning and knowledge, it encouraged my wanderlust. I realized it would be a great opportunity to see the world."

"You are only as good as the people who work for you and who you will inspire to carry out your vision. You can't micro-mange every little thing."

--chef David Kinch on Chef's Story