This week on Chef's Story, Dorothy Cann Hamilton sits down with acclaimed Austrian born chef Kurt Guenbrunner of the Michelin-star restaurant Wallse. Hear about his memories of garden fresh cooking in Austria and his experiences working under David Bouley at various restaurants. Kurt explains why the concept of "gesamtkunstwerk" , or how elements play together, is at the heart of what inspires him. From art and architecture to music - find out what makes Kurt's cooking and restaurant design stand out from his contemporaries. Learn more about the importance of water in the 21st century, and why minerals are so important for your health. Get an inside look into the Austrian way of life on a warm and inspiring episode of Chef's Story. This program was sponsored by Whole Foods Market.

"The biggest compliment I ever got for my food was when Bill Grimes said 'New York never knew about Austrian food and now we can't live without it!' "

"If you do the right thing - the right thing will happen to you."

"All my restaurants need to have a connection to art and architecture. It's what I call gesamtkunstwerk - when all the elements play together."

"The only difference between my restaurants and my house is that there's money involved in my restaurants."

--chef Kurt Gutenbrunner on Chef's Story