This week's profiled chef on Dorothy Cann Hamilton's "Chef's Story" is legendary Spanish chef Jose Andres. Chef Andres has been credited with the popularization of small plates in America. He is one of the leaders in the molecular gastronomy movement and his flagship restaurants minibar in Washington DC and é in Las Vegas focus on technological preparations. Find out what his life was like growing up in Spain with Ferran Adria and others to cooking in the Navy and hear how Jose eventually ended up in Washington DC and became head chef at Jaleo. Learn more about how Jose brought the concept of tapas to the states and how he helped influence an entire generation of chefs and restaurants. This program was sponsored by Hearst Ranch.


"I grew up surrounded by farmers, in tune with the seasons, shopping with my mom and cooking at home every single day."

"Life has a plan for every one of us. Sometimes we try to fight that plan - but I try to go along with the plan."

"I believe food is an important issue. It's beyond sharing a great bottle of champagne or food with friends - it's much more powerful than that...I'm trying to change the lives of people through the power of food."

"I always follow the flow of life - and life takes me to fascinating places."

--Chef Jose Andres on Chef's Story