This week on a special edition of Chef's Story, Dorothy Cann Hamilton sits down with Jorge Collazo, Executive Chef for the NYC Department of Education. Find out what challenges come along with serving 860,000 meals to students in New York City in 1,700 schools! From menu design to research and development, learn more about what goes into feeding New York City's students and how Jorge and his team are constantly working to make more whole foods and fresh ingredients available in all city schools. Hear why Michelle Obama's efforts helped so much and what plans are in store for the future. This program was sponsored by White Oak Pastures.


"A couple of years ago through a stimulus grant [from the Obama Administration] we were able to add a few hundred pieces of equipment to our school kitchens." [25:56]

"Portion sizes have increased. This is causing a lot of concern about cost. Everybody welcomes these changes - the issue is that they are unfunded." [28:44]

"I would love to see students come to breakfast - it's offered at no cost in all schools to every student." [32:50]

"Our volume allows us to get very good pricing from companies. They want to be associated with us, they recognize who we are." [37:30]

"Cultural diversity is alive and well, and real, and something that everybody is aware of and wants to address as far as their food choices - but you also have to think about kids as just being kids." [40:10]

--Jorge Collazo, Executive Chef for NYC Department of Education on Chef's Story