This week’s guest on Chef’s Story is none other than Missy Robbins, Executive Chef of A Voce in NYC. Hear how she discovered food growing up in Connecticut and traded art, psychology and photography for gastronomy. Find out how staging for Charlie Trotter eventually turned into a move to New York City to work in various kitchens and eventually become the Executive Chef at Spiaggia and then A Voce. Like many chefs, moving up the ranks in the restaurant world helped shape Missy’s technique and perspective immensely. From managing staff to developing style – get to know one of the most interesting and dedicated chefs working in America today. This program was sponsored by 360 Cookware.

“To the young chefs listening – in hindsight I wish I had gone to work for one more chef. I could have used one or two more years gaining more skills… Once you get to a certain level, it’s hard to go back.” [26:28]

“When I’ve made people sous chefs in my kitchens that don’t have the skill level, it backfires – on them because they’re gunning for a job they aren’t ready for and on me because they can’t lead my cooks.” [30:32]

“After 5 years of working with a chef you don’t know who’s food your cooking any more – you’ve morphed together and hopefully have a synergy you’re working with.” [40:01]

–chef Missy Robbins on Chef’s Story