This week’s episode of Chef’s Story sees Dorothy Cann Hamilton chatting with critically acclaimed and world renowned pastry chef Emily Luchetti. Emily tells the story of how she found her passion in pastries and worked her way up to where she is now. Find out how a visit to Lutece in NYC inspired her and how working for Jeremiah Tower helped her grow as a pastry chef. Listen in as she discusses gender as it relates to the kitchen and the obstacles she had to overcome as an up and coming female chef. What makes great pastries so much more significant than sugary snacks? Tune in and find out. This program was sponsored by Fairway Market.


“The one thing that was fortunate about the explosion of American cooking was that it opened many doors for women.”

“I always call my style simple but elegant, it’s all flavor driven . You get the real “wow” when you take a bite out of it – but at the same time you want it to be visually appealing. It’s like a classic suit – it’s beautiful and has nice lines but when you get close and take a bite you say ‘oh I get it now’.”

“I think we do have a real weight problem in the United States, but I look at it with a moderation point of view because sugar isn’t going to disappear…We’re a little naive to believe people suddenly won’t eat sugar anymore.”

“Pastry chefs are in better shape and take better care of themselves than savory chefs.”

–pastry chef Emily Luchetti on Chef’s Story