Discover the fascinating world of high-end catering on a unique episode of Chef's Story. Tune in as host Dorothy Cann Hamilton is joined by catering chef Jenny Glasgow of Oliver Cheng Catering & Events. Find out how restaurant cooking and catering cooking are completely different and how events can be stressful, hectic and miraculous. From fashion events to two person wedding parties, hear some incredible stories from a woman who has seen an enormous variety of culinary and logistical challenges. Hear how problem solving, shipping, plating and staffing all come into play for catering and why Jenny tries to stay away from dishes with pasta or risotto due to their time sensitive nature. This program was sponsored by Cain Vineyard & Winery.

"I try not to serve pasta. To do it to the standards I'd like for 500 people at once [is impossible.]" [14:04]

"Last year alone I did somewhere from 250-300 custom menus for events. No two events are alike, we don't want to do cookie cutter events." [22:22]

"When you're catering you have to safeguard against everything that could possibly go wrong." [33:25]

--Jenny Glasgow of Oliver Cheng Catering & Events on Chef's Story