Sara Moulton, a once reluctant on-air personality, is now one of the preeminent chefs on television. From behind the scenes with Julia Child, to being Gourmet magazine's in-house chef, and correspondent to Good Morning America, Sara has shaped the way of our American palate, both visually and viscerally. Hear her culinary journey on this week's episode of Chef's Story, as Sara recalls her experience working under Lydia Shire at The Harvest Restaurant, volunteering with Julia Child and interviewing with Andre Soltner before finding her career path in broadcast media. Hear her thoughts on why women are hard wired to be successful in the kitchen and how food television has helped revolutionize the way we eat and cook in this country. This program was sponsored by Fairway Market.

"Women are hard wired to multitask and to take stress. I found women to be far more even keeled under pressure than men [in the kitchen]." [24:00]

'"Being alone in front of a camera is hard!" [32:00]

"My mission [with food television] was to help working women get food on the table mid-week." [33:00]

--Sara Moulton on Chef's Story