Sean Brock is the executive chef of Husk, based in Charleston, South Carolina, with a new location also opening in Nashville, Tennessee. Born and raised in rural Virginia, the experience of growing his own food with his family sparked his interest in becoming a chef. Growing and cooking everything he ate, Brock explains that he really saw food in its true form. Beginning his career as a chef tournant under Chef Robert Carter, Brock quickly rose up the ranks to become an executive sous chef at Lemaire Restaurant in Richmond, VA, then an executive chef at the AAA Five-Diamond Hermitage Hotel in Nashville, TN, an executive chef at McCrady's Restaurant, and finally his second restaurant with Husk, just down the street from McCrady's. His appearances include being on the "Next Great Chef" episode of "Food Network Challenge," (in which he was the winner), and battling it out on "Iron Chef America" in December 2010. Learn from the award winning chef himself about what it really means to be a chef, such as learning to make your own seasonings like vinegar and salt, and utilizing them in your own dishes. Also discover Brock's latest experience at Cook it Raw in Japan, wherein a group of prestigious chefs explore a different cuisine by creating a unique dish within a new environment. Tune-in to be inspired by the executive chef himself! This program has been sponsored by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons.

"I've always known I was going to be a chef." [7:15]

"The most important thing is to set an extremely long, untainnable goal. It's all about the push and the drive to get there." [17:22]

--Sean Brock on Chef's Story