This week on Chef's Story, host Dorothy Cann Hamilton chats with chef, author, actress, model and television personality Daisy Martinez. Daisy explains how her culinary education helped accelerate her career and put her in a position to work with Lidia Bastinaich before going on to host her own food television shows. Find out how all of her past lives came together at the right time and "Daisy Cooks" on PBS helped turn Daisy Martinez into a household name. Hear why food is so emotional to Daisy and find out how she uses her familial instincts to make cooking a practice of passion and love. Find out the true meaning of Latin food on a personal and warm-hearted episode of Chef's Story. This program was sponsored by White Oak Pastures.


"I've been cooking all my life. I learned at the knee of two very dynamic women in the kitchen, women who taught me to say 'I love you' by breaking open something hot, blowing on it and putting it in my mouth."

"Food has to make sense to me emotionally."

"I have to give props to women who work the line because it's not a glamorous job - it's very difficult. You need to have thick skin. When you walk into a kitchen that's run by a women, the vibe is totally different."

--chef and television personality Daisy Martinez on Chef's Story