If there's one thing EdMcFarland knows, it's lobster. He's the chef/proprietor of Ed's Lobster Bar, a legendary NYC Seafood spot with a New England fish-house vibe featuring a raw bar, lobster rolls & fish plates. He's this week's guest on Chef's Story with Dorothy Cann Hamilton and he shares his culinary journey with listeners. Find out how he found his passion for seafood and what it took to open his first restaurant with no background in business or management. Ed explains why lobster is so sustainable and why it was so important for him to have a bar element at his restaurant. This program was sponsored by Bonnie Plants

"I wanted it to be as much a reflection of New England food as New York." [24:00]

"I wish I had more of a business background. That's the place I suffered the most - and I think most chefs do too." [28:00]

"You have to challenge yourself every day and constantly improve on what you're doing - even if its the same food item." [30:00]

--Ed McFarland on Chef's Story