Fresh off winning the Outstanding Restauranteur award at the James Beard Awards, Barbara Lynch sits down with Dorothy Cann Hamilton on Chef's Story for a candid and insightful conversation on her upbringing, her career and her current projects. Hear how "Knuckles Lynch" survived a tough childhood in the projects and went from working as a bookie in high school to becoming a world renowned chef and restauranteur. From bad business deals to meetings with Michelle Obama, get a rare behind the curtain look at one of America's most fascinating and bold personalities in food. This program was brought to you by Fairway Market.


"At 12, I realized if I could cook for a living, I'd always have a job because people will always eat and drink." [11:00]

"My first trip to Italy was the first time I really felt I wanted to do this. In Italy you didn't need a title you just needed to make good pasta." [23:00]

--Barbara Lynch on Chef's Story