Colman Andrews is an American writer and editor and authority on food and wine. In culinary circles, he is best known for his association with Saveur magazine, which he founded with Dorothy Kalins, Michael Grossman, and Christopher Hirsheimer in 1994 and where he served as editor-in-chief from 2001 until 2006. After resigning from the magazine in 2006, he became the restaurant columnist for Gourmet. In 2010, he helped launch a food and drink website, The Daily Meal, and serves as its editorial director. He is considered one of the world's foremost experts on Spanish cuisine, particularly that of the Catalonia region, and toady he sat down for a conversation with host Dorothy Cann Hamilton for a conversation about the brown derby, his parents influence in his life, and his journey as a food writer. This program was sponsored by Heritage Foods USA.

"I was an english major, and then in fact a radio major...I didn't spend much time studying." [13:00]

"Theoretically if you have any interest in food or drink at any angle it should be the first place you look every morning [The Daily Meal]." [20:00]

"I hate writing. It's terrible. It's an awful way to make a living. It's mentally and psychically hard. I don't like writing - I just feel compelled to do it." [33:00]

-- Colman Andrews on Chef's Story