What do the music industry and ramen have in common? Tune in to this week’s episode of Sharp & Hot as Chef Emily welcomes Sarah Gavigan to the studio talking how she went from licensing music in LA to cooking in Nashville for a living.  Sharing how eating ramen had always brought so much joy, paired with the subsequent lack of ramen in the Nashville area, Sarah decided to dedicate herself to learning the craft of making traditional ramen. After testing recipes with friends, she started doing pop-ups all over town with great success. Finally, in 2014 Gavigan and her husband Brad opened POP Nashville, which housed Otaku South until May 2015. This long journey eventually lead them to what is now Nashville’s first dedicated ramen shop – Otaku Ramen. Sarah expands on her second restaurant, Little Octopus, a modern restaurant serving flavors from everywhere, ingredients from here, and options for everyone.


“Running a pop up is like being on a film set: you have to think ahead, organize, and then go for it!” [14:30]

“If you have something interesting and people want it, it’s not a trend, you’re feeding a culture something that they don’t have.” [17:45]

–Sarah Gavigan on Sharp & Hot