8th Annual Chefs Collaborative Summit 2017

“Growing Community, Owning the Future” Part Two

Chefs-Collaborative-Summit-Atlanta-2017-Erik-Meadows-Photography-371Tamara Jones, Southeast African American Farmers Organic Network – by Erik Meadows Photography

Chefs Collaborative was founded in 1993 as a non-profit network focused on inspiring, educating and celebrating chefs and food professionals dedicated to working towards a better, more sustainable food system.  For their 8th Annual Chefs Collaborative Summit,  Growing Community – Owning the Future, food professionals from across the country gathered in Atlanta, GA on Saturday, September 9th – 11th for workshops, networking and engaging discussions on issues such as ethical seafood practices, food waste, meat matters and solutions for the future of sustainable food.

Chefs-Collaborative-Summit-Atlanta-2017-Erik-Meadows-Photography-365Hugh Acheson, Seed Life Skills – by Erik Meadows Photography

Part two of Sunday's programming delved into concepts such as adaptive grazing techniques, a reimagining of the archaic curriculum of “home economics," and a deeper understanding of equality in politics of farming. This incredibly diverse group of individuals shared their knowledge and passion for making a difference through our local communities. Discussions also included a deeply intersectional examination of the restaurant business through the avenues of equity and race relations, and how both chefs and restaurateurs must take a stand to protect our nation’s immigrants through the socio-cultural establishment of “restaurant sanctuaries."

Chefs-Collaborative-Summit-Atlanta-2017-Erik-Meadows-Photography-369Matthew Raiford, The Farmer and the Larder – by Erik Meadows Photography

List of speakers:

00:10 – Marc Oshima, AeroFarms
6:53 – Evan Mallett, Black Trumpet
12:50 – Josh Goldman, Australis Barramundi
20:00 – Hugh Acheson, Seed Life Skills
34:00 – Tamara Jones, Southeast African American Farmers Organic Network, and Matthew Raiford, The Farmer and the Larder
49:44 – Kim Severson, The New York Times; Daniel Patterson, Alta Group, Coi and LocoL; Johnny Livesay, Black Star Co-Op; Saket Soni, National Guestworker Alliance; Marielena Hincapié, National Immigration Law Center

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