Chefs Guetner Seeger, Jimmy Sneed, and Jonah Rhodehamel join Erin Fairbanks and Patrick Martins in the HRN studios to talk about innovation in the kitchen. Listen to Jimmy talk about working in the fiery kitchens of Jean Louis Palladin. Hear Jimmy and Guetner talk about Michelin starts coming to the United States, and the role of tradition in the current restaurant scene. Hear Guetner speak to the power of quality ingredients. What distinguished Michelin-caliber restaurants from mediocrity? Jimmy talks about Nouvelle cuisine, and how it influenced chefs to innovate. Listen in to hear Jonah talk about seasonality and other West Coast innovations, as well as his life as a race car driver! This segment has been brought to you by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons.

"Farm to table- that's where we're coming from. It's not new. It's great to see that young chefs are totally into the idea because working with a number of purveyors and farmers is hard to do." [17:50]

"There is a culture here now that is totally incredible. Younger people have bought into it (food culture); it's a style of life." [30:30] -- Chef Guetner Seeger

"Create a dish that feels good to you. Don't follow some old French guy's rules!" [22:40] -- Chef Jimmy Sneed